Botanical Art


Rhapsody in Blue Roses 1 ©️Mary Dillon

Rhapsody in Blue 2. ©️Mary Dillon

Wintering Out – Acanthus mollis @ Mary Dillon

Nerines bowdenii, ©️Mary Dillon

Bountiful- Punica granatum ‘Nana’ ©️Mary Dillon


Fading Papaver orientale Mary Dillon



Pink Poppies, Mary Dillon

Tulipa Black Parrot , Mary Dillon

 FullSizeRender 2

Tulipae, Mary Dillon


Petunias, Mary Dillon


Tulipa Rococo, Mary Dillon


Canna Black Knight, Mary Dillon

Canna indica
Canna indica. Mary Dillon


Epiphytic Orchids from Myanmar, Mary Dillon

IMG_0287Epiphytic Plants from Central America, Mary Dillon


Mary Dillon.        +353 87 2224260.

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