Upcoming Workshops

Blooming Beautiful Small Things –

Painting The Fiddly Bits!

August 15 -16, 2022

3 pm – 7 pm, GMT, (10 am – 2 pm, EST and 7 am – 11 am PDT)

My studio is filled with the scent of roses following my last online class. Thanks to my lovely students from Ireland, the UK, the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia for sharing the joy of painting roses.

If you’d like to join my next online adventure- to paint – 

Blooming Beautiful Small Things – Painting The Fiddly Bits!

Tuesday and Wednesday , August 16 – 17, 2022

3 pm – 7 pm, GMT, ( 11am – 3 pm, EST, and 8 am – 12 noon PDT)

Cost: Euro 150

To Register: Please email me: marydillonbotanicalart@gmail.com

Course content:

  • learning to sort out the wood from the trees,

the stamens from the carpels, the filaments from the styles

  • Painting the fiddly bits
  • Looking very closely using a magnifier.
  • To mask or not to mask, that’s the question?
  • Capturing light and shade in small areas
  • Painting fine detail
  • Finishing with a WOW!


For those from the Asia Pacific region ……

I have good news! 

I will soon launch an online class for you! Thursday / Friday, September 1 and 2. 

Time: 5 am – 9 am, GMT, (3 pm – 7 pm, AEDT) Please email for details. 

I’m delighted to regularly offer online opportunities for you to learn botanical watercolour painting with me.  During our online workshops we will slow down, taking time to really look at the bright, fresh and vibrant colours of the changing seasons. Using first wet and then dry watercolour painting techniques we will experience the mindful process of botanical art while learning to capture the beauty of our natural world.

Demonstrations include:
  • colour mixing and matching, 
  • capturing light and shade, 
  • layering of colours, 
  • painting fine detail
  • finishing with a WOW! 

To make the experience as stress free as possible,

I can provide an image and a line drawing of a

simple plant subject for anyone who wishes to use it.

For those who choose to draw their own subject,

I’ll suggest a simple subject.

Students will have time to do some

observational drawing in the class. 

Each workshop will happen over

two days – 4 hours per day. 

Blooming Beautiful- Small Things

– Painting The Fiddly Bits!

3 pm  – 7pm, GMT, ( 11 am – 3 pm, EST, and 8 am – 12 noon PDT)
Cost €150

To Register: Please email me: marydillonbotanicalart@gmail.com

The following will be included:
  • Course outline with objectives
  • Course notes
  • Materials list
  • Colour list and image for palette layout
  • Image and line drawing of plant
  • Template for watercolour layering
  • Slideshow presentations
  • Video demonstrations
  • Live demonstrations
  • Feedback will be available throughout by email.

Barcelona, July 7 – 10, 2022


Further information please contact:



Online Workshop

Blooming Beautiful – Summer Poppies


June 17, 18, 2022

June 17 and 18, 2022

3 pm – 7 pm, GMT, ( 11am – 3 pm, EST, and 8 am – 12 noon PDT)

To Register: Please email me: marydillonbotanicalart@gmail.com

Our subject for the workshop will be garden or wild poppies.

I will send you a photo and a line drawing to work from for your convenience beforehand. Of course you are welcome to work from your own subject and line drawing.

About a week before the workshop I will send you the notes and accompanying documents which you will need for the workshop. At that time I will also send you the Zoom link to gain access to the class.

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