Upcoming Workshop

Blooming Beautiful Winter Jewels completed

November 28 and 29, 2022

3 pm – 7 pm, GMT, (10 am – 2 pm, EST and 7 am – 11 am PDT)

If you’d like to join my next online adventure- to paint – 

Blooming Beautiful Winter Jewels

Monday and Tuesday, November 28 and 29, 2022

3 pm – 7 pm, GMT, ( 11am – 3 pm, EST, and 8 am – 12 noon PDT)

Cost: Euro 150

To Register: Please email me: marydillonbotanicalart@gmail.com

Course content:

  • Finding and Mixing the rich warm colours of autumn fruits and seeds
  • Looking very closely at textures using a magnifier.
  • Practicing and applying wet, damp and dry watercolour techniques with an emphasis on the later dry stage.
  • Capturing light and shade in small areas
  • Painting fine detail
  • Finishing with a WOW!

To make the experience as stress free as possible,

I can provide an image and a line drawing of a

simple plant subject for anyone who wishes to use it.

For those who choose to draw their own subject,

I’ll suggest a simple subject. Crab apples, nuts, horse chestnuts,

Students will have time to do some

observational drawing in the class. 

The workshop will happen over

two days – 4 hours per day. 

The following will be included:
  • Course outline with objectives
  • Course notes
  • Materials list
  • Colour list and image for palette layout
  • Image and line drawing of plant
  • Template for watercolour layering
  • Slideshow presentations
  • Video demonstrations
  • Live demonstrations
  • Feedback will be available throughout by email.

Barcelona, July 7 – 10, 2022


Further information please contact:



Online Workshop

Blooming Beautiful – Summer Poppies


June 17, 18, 2022

June 17 and 18, 2022

3 pm – 7 pm, GMT, ( 11am – 3 pm, EST, and 8 am – 12 noon PDT)

To Register: Please email me: marydillonbotanicalart@gmail.com

Our subject for the workshop will be garden or wild poppies.

I will send you a photo and a line drawing to work from for your convenience beforehand. Of course you are welcome to work from your own subject and line drawing.

About a week before the workshop I will send you the notes and accompanying documents which you will need for the workshop. At that time I will also send you the Zoom link to gain access to the class.

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