Transylvania June 28 – July 4, 2022

Summer Meadow Flowers

Pink Poppies ©️Mary Dillon

Join me to paint summer flowers from the meadows surrounding the traditional Transylvanian village of Copsa Mare, Romania. I will be teaching for five days in Pod Art Studio, the village house restored by our hosts, James and Rachel De Candole.

‘Botanical Art is a starting point for intrigue and inquiry.’

Capturing the details of a plant, often unseen and unappreciated, can help to open eyes to the wonder, the beauty and the tremendous value of our plant world. From there conversations will happen around what we can and must do to celebrate, protect and nourish our plant world if we are to take seriously the current huge challenges we are facing on our planet. 

Education is key and drawing is one of the most effective ways to learn.

I get to know a plant through observation and drawing. It mirrors what happens when we get to know a person. When I know it, I understand it, I establish a relationship with it. Then I am compelled to nourish it, to protect it, to respect it and to love it.

Workshop will cover:

  • Time for personal reflective drawing in the studio and in the field.
  • Observational and measured drawing.
  • Light and tone to create form.
  • Exploring the nuances of colour temperature to achieve impact.
  • Wet and dry watercolour techniques to build texture and depth.
  • Finishing with a Wow

For information and availability please contact :

Copsa Mare, Transylvania

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